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Appointment Booking. Client booking for small business.

You run a business (Dental Surgery, Consultancy, Hair Salon, Make-up Artist and so on) that involves taking bookings from your clients. Join followedit to take booking with ease.


Individual Scheduling. Chasing a potential sales lead.

With followedit, you can book meetings and also create a custom event where people can book a session with you. Followedit makes this possible by providing your prospect your availability in their timezone. Integrate Followedit with your favourite calendars to keep your schedule tidy.


Scheduling For Sales. Making that appointment is key.

Create an awesome booking page with followedit that not only generates leads, but converts your prospects to paying clients. Customize your booking page to align with your marketing and sales objectives. This not only ensure you future revenue but a means to ensure that your sales runs smoothly.


Taking Payments. Integrate Your Payment Solutions.

Integrate your preferred payment system and receive payment from your clients. Followedit allows you to create bookings that pays when you add a price and payment option, ensuring that your business receives payment it is due.


Secure Cloud Solution. Keeping your data safe.

Our state of the art cloud solution ensures that not only is your data safe, it is authenticated to avoid any form of third party access or usage. You can rely on followedit to keep yours and client information safe.


Product or Event Marketing. Link or QR Code.

Market your event or product by sharing your event link and/or QR Code. You can share a link for each event or share link for each event. This not only helps you promote your event but improve your social presence.


You are a Team. Working on that great project.

Keep your team schedule together in one place by sharing event with team members working on similar project. Create an event and include a team member who will also be able to receive booking from the event. This not only makes working on the same project easy but working in the same organization.


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